Why do patients refer their family and friends to Schofield Orthodontics?


  1. Empathetic and energetic care - Patients don't come to us for braces or Invisalign. They come to us for the comfort and confidence they feel during treatment and the joy of accomplishment when our treatment is done.

  2. Highest quality and most up-to-date orthodontic treatment available - We provide efficient treatment resulting in fewer appointments and timely finishes including starting at the right time (i.e., don't start too early!) and hi-tech wires that work gently and effectively.

  3. Predictable retention for a lifetime - Having a digital iTero scanner in the office, we take a permanent model of how your teeth fit when finished. From this model we can make additional retainers as needed to ensure longterm the ideal look of your teeth.

  4. Excellent communication - We use texts, email, phone and Facebook to stay in touch with appointments and questions. Our team is bilingual and el doctor habla español!

  5. Affordable treatment - We offer to reduce any financial barriers to care by accepting most insurances, providing in-office financing, flexible payment options and third party financing.

Want more?

  • Appointment times that fit with your schedule for before and after school or work

  • Availability - 24/7/365 Dr. Schofield provides his cell phone number to all patients for questions, concerns or urgent treatment

  • Oral hygiene motivation - we believe in developing a lifetime of oral hygiene skills that will benefit the patient for a hundred years!

  • Dr. Schofield has a unique personal perspective on orthodontics, having received braces treatment twice as a teenager and clear aligner treatment as an adult. Whatever you have to go through, Dr. Schofield has personally been there and can share his experience and perspective every step of the way!